Spatiale des



The idea of ESEP is to serve as a lever for collaboration and synergy between nine Space Exploration and Technology laboratories in and around Paris and Orléans, France.

ESEP is the French acronym of “Exploration Spatiale des Environnements Planétaires”, or “Space Exploration of Planetary Environments”.

The strategic goal is to connect and exploit complementary know-how between the laboratories and foster R&D projects for new space instrumentation, projects that could not otherwise exist.

Three activities are at the heart of ESEP.

The first activity is scientific research, achieved through the education of a new generation of space scientists and engineers.

The second activity is space technology development, achieved through the Space Research Campus where material means and human expertise are made available to foster innovative projects.

Both these activities are intertwined in one coherent strategic line as to the themes supported, focussing on the scientific exploitation of current space missions and aiming at the development of new space instrumentation for upcoming missions.

A third is the public education & awareness of the science and technology of current and future space exploration through exhibitions and educational activities.