Scientific Research

The scientific themes supported by ESEP are within the fields of Space Weather and the
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<popup |texte=Planetary Science |skel=popup|lien=article232 >,
<popup |texte=Exoplanet Research |skel=popup|lien=article234 >.

ESEP supports a total of 13 PhD students, 8 post-doctoral researchers and 4 engineers, distributed over the 9 participating laboratories
(see full list).

A coherent strategy is followed as per the themes that are supported. All are related to the exploitation of data from existing missions and the development of technologies for upcoming mission in the fields above. An example is the heterodyne 1.2 THz receiver developed at LERMA and supported through an ESEP funded PhD thesis.

An international scientific conference is being organised for 2018. Planetary exploration by cube satellites is the theme of the conference.

Scientific Research

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