Inside ESEP

ESEP was first started in 2011 with financial support from the French government.

<popup |texte=Nine Space Science and Technology laboratories |skel=popup|lien=article229 |width = 900 |height = 600 >
in the region of Paris and Orléans are part of ESEP.
See the Video page for a presentation of each laboratory.

ESEP is supervised by a committee of representatives from nine institutions, most of them associated with the nine participating laboratories.

<popup |texte=A scientific committee |skel=popup|lien=article230 |width = 1100 |height = 600 >
of six internal and 6 external members advises the executive team of ESEP.

<popup |texte=The executive team |skel=popup|lien=article231 |width = 620 |height = 400 >
is based at the Paris Observatory at Meudon.

The executive team is advised by the
<popup |texte=ESEP Scientific Advisory Board. |skel=popup|lien=article258 |width = 680 |height = 400 >
The role of the SAB is to give guidelines to ESEP, to review the ESEP activities and objectives in comparison to the Action Plans and to give advice for the continuation of ESEP activities after the term of the LABEX at the end of 2019.

<popup |texte=The yearly one-day ESEP meetings |skel=popup|lien=article235 |width = 850 |height = 600 >
ensure a tight collaboration between people from all participating laboratories. Each year a different theme is addressed. The theme for the
November 2017 meeting is Databases and Virtual Observatories.

Inside ESEP

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