Public Education & Awareness

Two online educational resources are being made available to the public at large by ESEP.

The first is the exoplanet site. The site catalogues all the know exoplanets and is updated daily with the latest information, drawn from the scientific exoplanet site. It contains visualisation tools that allows for interactive 3D viewing of each system, statistical information and educational resources. The site, originally in French, is being translated into several languages.

The second is a digital teaching book (French only) aimed at university students and people with background knowledge of physics. The book deals with the basic science behind the three themes levered by ESEP, Space Weather and the Sun-Earth Connection, Planetary Science, and Exoplanet Research. The book, originally in French, will be translated into several other languages.

A brand new public exhibition is being prepared for the year 2019. The exhibition will be centred around the cutting-edge research results on the giant planet systems of Jupiter and Saturn after the exploration missions Cassini/Huygens (Saturn/Titan) and JUNO (Jupiter). Our newly gained understanding will be put in context with our constantly increasing knowledge of (giant) planets around other stars. The audience will also be presented a peek into the future with the upcoming European JUICE mission to the Jupiter system.

exhibition on the theme of comets (French only) in the context of the very successful European Rosetta mission at the Air and Space Museum at Le Bourget near Paris, was available to the public for six months during the second half of 2015.
During this period 50,000 visitors came to visit.
An itinerant version of the exhibition is
available for downloaded as a series of high quality panels that can be printed in poster size format (French only).

In previous years of its existence ESEP has supported several other public awareness events.